My photographic work spans genres and subject matter. Having lived in the Midwest, Pacific Islands, and the Western States of the USA, I've developed an appreciation for many cultures and their ideas of art and beauty. Seeing differences in those many cultures I came to find that regardless of what other people might appreciate, value, or understand, as an artist it's most important to understand yourself and create from your own vision. You can only hope your work finds others that connect with that vision. 
I've now been making photographic images for over thirty five years and create images of  people, objects, landscapes, street scenes and more. Although many photographers choose to work exclusively within a single genre my ADHD brain operates differently and I can't work that way. I love and find joy in exploring how photography can be used to create images and tell stories in all the subjects the world has to offer. I currently live in San Diego, California where I'm often creating fashion or beauty images or exploring urban and desert environments that I can put before my lens. You can learn more about how I began my journey in photography and what inspires me to create the images I do in my artist's statement. If you'd like to discuss my work, photography or other art, or even my experiences and struggles with ADHD feel free to contact me. 
Thank you for your time,
Jeffrey Wright
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