Studies in Color
A mix of film and digital color images. This collection contains a range of street, object, and found object photography whose color captured my imagination and drove me to create.
Studies in Black & White
A mix of film and digital black and white images. This collection contains a range of street, object, and found object photography that spoke to me in shades of grey.
A Study in Noir
I wanted to create a series of images with the look of a "spy noir" style film. I utilized voyeuristic compositions, hard directional lighting with strong shadows, and black and white processing. Setting was equally important and this wonderful hotel lobby styled in early 20th Century décor fit the theme perfectly. Careful placement and direction of the subjects brought out the atmosphere I was looking for.
Studies in Abstract
Experiments in light and abstraction. For the first half of the series I wanted to create abstract images that played with shape, light, color, and scale. To do this I created sculptural shapes using paper, placed my subjects on top of a glass table to light from below, and used colored lighting from different angles and intensities to enhance my paper sculptures. The second half of the series are images using a technique called refractography, a photographic technique that is created in the camera by not using a lens and placing refractive objects in between the camera and a strong light source, allowing the capture of the beautiful refractions of light in the material being photographed.
Studies in Documentary
Although I'm not a photojournalist I do enjoy documenting stories and events on issues, events, and activism relevant to my community. In this work I typically have minimal editing (primarily just minor exposure, contrast, and sharpness adjustments, lens corrections, and minor cropping).
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